School Council

The Diggers Rest Primary School Council consists of the Principal, parents and teachers working together for the benefit of all students. The major responsibilities of School Council include:

  • determining the education policy of the school
  • allocating resources and managing the school budget
  • developing and maintaining the school buildings and grounds
  • reporting to and communicating with the school community The Council operates through the use of the following subcommittees:
    • Building and Grounds
    • Finance
    • Canteen
    • Fundraising

The School Council is reconstituted each year. Nominations are called for early in the school year and advice of this is published in the school newsletter. School Council generally meets at 7.00 pm on Monday evenings in the staffroom. There are two school council meetings each term. Subcommittees’ meeting times vary depending on the purpose of the group, but most are publicised through the school newsletter. All meetings are open for all parents to attend.