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Literacy @ DRPS

At DRPS we believe that Literacy is critical to a student’s education as it supports the understanding of all curriculum areas. Our school is committed to developing enthusiastic, confident, resilient, reflective and curious learners in Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening and we achieve this by creating experiences that instil a love for learning and a culture where students can be challenged in a safe and supportive environment. 


At DRPS we provide quality teaching and learning programs through the following research-based practices:

  • Explicit instruction in the 6 aspects of Literacy: fluency, comprehension, oral language, vocabulary, phonics and phonological awareness

  • Conducting assessment and analysis that informs our differentiated planning, teaching and learning

  • School-wide tracking and monitoring of the development of all students

  • Timely intervention to support low/high achieving students

  • Daily opportunities for sustained independent reading and writing, shared reading and writing and classroom discussions to promote critical thinking, comprehension and vocabulary development

  • A whole school differentiated approach to the teaching of spelling and word study

  • Making links to various curriculum areas to build and consolidate deeper understandings

  • Access to rich classroom and online resources to engage and support students in their learning

  • Weekly professional development for staff to improve teaching and learning capacity

  • Consistent whole school lesson structures and the use of high impact teaching strategies

Reading Instructional Model.PNG




Grade 3/4


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