Student Leadership

Students at Diggers Rest Primary School are encouraged to participate in a strong leadership program with experiences designed around:

  • Building confidence and resilience

  • Exercising voice and agency

  • Building leadership capacity

  •  Demonstrating civic responsibility

  • Actively participating in the school and community

  • Being an ‘upstander’ not a ‘bystander’

Students in the senior year levels of the school are encouraged to apply for positions on the Junior School Council or as House Captains. Students construct a speech, perform in front of the peers and participate in an election process where staff and students collaborate to select candidates. Student representatives are then drawn from the foundation, junior and middle schools to form our Junior School Leaders. The purpose of Junior School Leadership is to build, reflect on and refine leadership capacity.

The Student Leadership Team commence their learning through participation in the YMCA Future Leaders Program. Students learn the ‘skills’ of leadership, focusing on teamwork, negotiation and leadership roles. Students then work in teams to improve an element of the school of wider community. This may mean fundraising, contributing to the learning program or supporting a local community group. Student Leaders attend a school council meeting and are active in providing feedback about their school experience.

Shaun Sims

Positive Climate Leader