At Diggers Rest Primary School we are committed to the development of confident, resilient, reflective and curious learners.

Literacy is critical to a student’s education and supports development in all curriculum areas. At Diggers Rest Primary School we achieve a balanced approach to teaching literacy through the following research based practices:

  • Explicit instruction in reading fluency, comprehension, oral language, vocabulary, letter-sound knowledge and phonological awareness.
  • School wide ongoing assessment and monitoring of the development of all students. Assessment informs our focus on continuous improvement and tailored program development and delivery.
  • Weekly professional learning community meetings where all staff discuss and moderate learning progress.
  • Opportunities for independent reading and classroom discussions to promote critical analysis and discussions.
  • A whole school differentiated approach to the teaching of spelling and word study.
  • ‘Point in time’ intervention to support low/high achieving students.
  • Extensive library, classroom and online resources to engage students and support them in their learning.
  • A focus on reading aloud to support reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary development.


At Diggers Rest Primary School literacy experiences aim to instil a love of literature and a sense of curiosity. Challenge is central to learning and we aim to create a culture when students can be challenged to extend themselves in a safe, supportive environment.